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JungHaechang_Landscape / Still Life

Publication 2023
Photographer JungHaechang
Landscape / Still Life
Edit & Design Seo Mingyu / Separation Uhwa / 112 page / 245 x 295 x 20 mm / 1000 copy
ISBN 979-11-982392-0-4

Jung Haechang 1907-1968

Jung Haechang graduated from Boseong High School in Seoul
in 1922 and majored in German at the Tokyo Foreign Language
University in Japan. He was also interested in visual arts, studying
Western painting at Kawabita Painting Research Institute and delving
into photochemistry at the Tokyo School of Art Photography, which
marked the beginning of his photography journey. On March 29, 1929,
with around 50 photographs reflecting his pure artistic passion and
an artist's perspective, Jung Haechang held the first solo photography
exhibition in Korea. As a pioneer who introduced the modern concept of
solo exhibitions to Korean society, he left a distinctive mark in Korean
photography with his unique perspective, known as the Jung Haechang
style,' which became part of the subsequent trends in photography.
Solo Photography Exhibitions:
Art Photography Solo Exhibition, Gwanghwamun Building, Seoul, Korea
Art Photography Solo Exhibition Tour, Daegu, Gwangju, Jinju, Korea
Still Life Photography Exhibition with Dolls, Nakkangdabang, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea
Jung Haechang Photo Enlargement Solo Exhibition, Jongno 2-ga,
Hwashin Department Store Art Gallery, Korea

Introduction of the Photobook
Jung Haechang
Landscape / Still Life
The glass-plate contact print photographs capturing the artistic passion of Jung Haechang, who enjoyed
photography purely as art, have been restored for the first time in more than 100 years and published in a
series of three volumes. This photobook is the first volume in the series.
Photographer Park Myungrae captured the glass-plate contact prints using a high-resolution digital
camera, and print master U-Hwa from Uhwacompany led the restoration work to revive around 70
landscape and still-life photographs. Designer Seo Mingyu edited the photobook, transcending
the context of the 1920s, enabling contemporary viewers to appreciate the images from a modern
This photobook represents the first publication by MUMU, a publishing company co-founded by U-Hwa
a from Uhwacompany and Seo Mingyu from Martianstory, with the goal of creating photo books that
capture the most passionate moments of artists' lives.

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