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Youngho Kang_99 Variations / Portrait of Ouroboros

Publication 2023
Photographer Youngho Kang
99 Variations / Portrait of Ouroboros
Edit & Design Seo Mingyu / Separation Uhwa / 192 page / 261 x 334 x 28 mm / 750 copy
ISBN 979-11-982392-1-1

Youngho Kang has been well-known as a commercial photographer in Korea since the early 2000s.

With a unique nickname of "dancing photographer," he always plays music that suits the concept loudly when taking pictures. When working, he works as if he were performing. The result of his work, the photo, is important to him, but the work process is more important to

In 2008, he developed his unique way of working and thinking and started "99 Variations" as his fine artwork. It is a self-portrait where you look in the mirror, create an unconscious character, and take a picture.

Photographing through a mirror is like excavating a mythical figure from the inner side. In the photograph, the camera always appears as the cause and subject. As a result, a mythical image in the mirror and the realistic image of the camera coexist in the finalized photograph.
In other words, the contradictory relationships of "unconscious and conscious," "mirror and camera," and "myth and reality" share an ambiguous boundary in the photograph.

He does not want his object to be perfect. The best work he pursues is to show the process and result, that is, both himself and his creations, together as much as possible. Even if art and real life are contradictory, he tries to connect his work and life as much as possible. In 2023, he published his first photo book, "99 Variations / Portrait of Ouroboros" documenting the contradictory selves that have coexisted within him for the past 15 years

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